Andstudio & Muttnik + Studioten
June 20 - July 06, Florence & Vilnius


Swapping our design studios
for 2 weeks for some work and some fun.

Our idea

Summer isn’t meant for holidays but instead for new projects. We were seeking for some changes, new experiences and that’s when we came up with an idea to exchange studios with someone based in a different country. You ask why? We give you a simple answer: to get to know local market, its challenges and to give a little twist to our daily work environment. And to have fun, of course. After sending out invitations to collaborate for various graphic design studios in Europe, “Muttnik” were the ones who showed the biggest interest. And look at us now, drinking coffee from “Muttnik” cups in Florence, while they are enjoying our studio space in Vilnius. So just scroll down to see what we experienced.


June 20 – July 06

Meet Andstudio
& is a connection. Connection between strategy & design, between design & business, between business & audience
We are Andstudio. A branding studio specializing in strategy, visual identities and digital products. Simply a group of creative people in Vilnius, Lithuania. We design with the purpose and meaning of connecting businesses and audiences by creating their brands more thrilling and long lasting.
Meet Muttnik + Studioten
Muttnik undertakes an exploration through each project. Research and experimentation is our foundation.
Muttnik will take you to space. Or at least to Florence. Using our vast experience and the stimulus of everyday life, we work on visual communication, editorial and illustration projects, with an eye towards cultural contexts as well as exhibitions and companies. We are working together with Studioten an architecture and interior design firm based in Florence.